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Friday, October 8, 2010

Historic with a Hint of Glam

Last weekend Jim, Lauren and I went to the 67th Annual Waterford Fair. There were artisans, home tours, crafts, and music. It was a beautiful day. We walked the town taking in the sites. Lauren did the children crafts.

I think we went at prime time because the lines for the home tours were very long. Too long for my 7 year old. When we were walking, I kept noticing these lovely front doors with beautiful flowers and greenery.

This one really caught my eye. I had to walk up to it to take a closer look.

Peacock feathers ~ I love this wreath. Waterford is a wonderful historic town... but it doesn't hurt to glam it up on special occasions :)


  1. Paula, looks like such a great time. I love your images of the front entries to the historic homes!

    Art by Karena

  2. what a fabulous idea for adorning a wreath! and what a perfectly lovely afternoon outing.

    My sister in law adds peacock plumes to her Christmas tree and it always looks glamorous.


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