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Monday, October 25, 2010

Project Love Revs Up

The custom wool rugs for Project Love are here! You may know it takes custom rugs a while to be made. The waiting is just a part of it especially if you want it done well. I love this rug company. Select the fiber colors to compliment the palette, specify the finish(s), design the motif and viola ~ a beautiful, high end sumptuous area rug. The one above sits in between the staircases. Don't you love the glass art I placed on the foyer table?

I love how elegant this looks. Note the brick red band on the drape repeated in rug.

Somebody likes the way the rug feels :)

These pictures do not do this rug justice. It is just stunning. I designed this rug to compliment the Hickory Chair buffet I placed in the room.

It is coming together. Not quite done but definitely on its way...

I love repeating patterns throughout a home in subtle ways. I have repeated the arc motif in the kitchen, which is adjacent to the dining room.

In the kitchen, the pantry door was replaced. I added a mirror insert. This was done in part due to a window being removed to accommodate the gorgeous hood. The mirror adds back some of the lost light by reflecting the natural light that remains. I designed the mullion on the right, which will be installed on the mirror echoing the arc motif from the dining room. It is being fabricated in faux wrought iron with a nickel finish consistent with the other nickel elements in the room. An intimate detail adding lovely rhythm and harmony to the home.

The Greek Key motif from the first photo will be repeated in a very subtle way in the living room. You'll have to stay tuned to see that. That particular furnishing is on its way...


  1. Great attention to the details...love the design of the dining room rug and how you were inspired by the buffet! Looking forward to seeing more...

  2. Paula, your taste is exquisite, the rugs are amazing. The entry to the home is so dramatic.

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