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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One or Two?

Kitchen eclectic kitchen

hhbradys ideabook kitchen eclectic kitchen

Kitchen eclectic kitchen

Hunter Residence eclectic kitchen

Hunter Residence eclectic kitchen

KitchenLab eclectic kitchen

I am doing three kitchens right now so I am looking at inspiration photos from Houzz. I'm pretty firm on the one level island. I don't like the two level. I think it wastes precious space and makes the room as a whole appear closed. Here's the question ~ one large island or two smaller ones. What's your preference and why?


  1. I am happy with one .. one large island.

  2. OOoo, you are killing me, Paula Grace. All! How about all? I am drooling over these so much...

    As for the islands. I prefer two. I have grown up with two medium sized one. They are separate and at least 3 feet apart, and facing different ways. One is for cooking and baking, and the other is for gathering and enjoying food. They are most perfect for a family and entertaining... I hope this helps. I would take a picture for you, if you like, Paula Grace. (only for you)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Paula Grace :)



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