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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Katherine Rally

Katherine Rally is a company that seems to be at ease. They emailed me and said ~ Hey, check us out! So I did. Katherine is an interior designer. Rally is an architect. I read their story ~ they high tailed it out of here when the economy sank. They didn't just leave, they went on an adventure ~ to live in a magnificent world known at Bali. Dare to dream. They started their own company hand making lovely batiks. They turn these cotton/linens into pillows, table clothes, napkins, or beautiful wall art. Yes, you can just get the fabric too. The colors are vibrant; the patterns interesting with fabulous motifs. Take a look...

This wall art is stunning! Of course where the art is placed in the country that it is may be having an impact on my psyche. I just want to be there admiring it in person :-)

Still the motif's scale really speaks to me. I am loving the large scale right now. Its very powerful to me, very impactful. One other important piece of information ~ the fabric is machine washable in warm water and you can dry it in the dryer using low heat. That is a fabulous asset if you ask me!

So tell me ~ what do you think?


  1. I love the light blue and the one above!!!! It makes a statement, it's has power and attitude.......I love it!! thanks for sharing!


  2. I'd love one of each of the pillows. The art is beautiful as well. I too love large scale pieces.

  3. I first heard of the company a few months ago and have been a fan since! I love love love their colors and design. Really nice. And their story is unique!

  4. Love their story and love their fabrics!

  5. I discovered Katherine Rally about a month ago, and I've loved her clean, crisp designs. Can't wait to find the right project for her fabrics. Great that you're getting her name around!

  6. Great patterns, I love them!

  7. I am so glad I came across your blog. I had not discovered Katherine Rally. These fabrics are absolutely wonderful, not just the designs but the rich colors too. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well.



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