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Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's New & Functional

No Monday's Method today ~ no dilemmas to solve. So, I'll show you a couple of new products on the market. Tables specifically. While I was looking at new introductions, it reminded me of some antiques a client has. They are all multi-functional pieces. In those days, not as many furniture pieces were purchased as homes were smaller so they had to serve several purposes. That got me to thinking about today's multi-functional tables. I thought of a couple I have specified so I'll show you those as well.

Here are a couple new introductions. The first is the Plank collection from Palecek. I like these pieces to add a rustic moment in the room. Here is the cocktail table and console.

Note the detailing...


Here are a couple new ones from Guildmaster for that whimsical touch...


On to multi-functional. The table at the top is from Global Views. Here it is again is all its identities...

This is a great table for small spaces. It can be a dining table, a console, a game table...

Speaking of game tables, check this one out from Howard Miller...

It even comes with the game pieces. How great is that?!

If you do have a design dilemma and want to ask me a question, just leave me a comment. If you have a question specific to your space, send me a couple of photos along with you questions to paula@paulagracedesigns.com. I'll answer then in upcoming Monday's Methods.

I'll see you tomorrow for Timeless Tuesday...


  1. That multi-functional table is gorgeous! I am hoping to find a dining room table that, single function or no, has a signature look about it like that one does.

  2. Global Views offers some outstanding pieces...love items that do double duty! Janell

  3. Love GV. Saw the new Pale stuff in the mailer the other day. I like it. It would be perfect for my fantasy Napa house.

  4. What a great post! Re-thinking a piece can give it new life instantly, can't it? I do love the first one show -- it's great!


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