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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thursday's Room(s) ~ White

White rooms have been covered a lot ~ true. I have covered them myself. For today's Thursday's Room, I revisit the white room. What is it about them that draws us in? For myself, I think it is the pureness. However, as you know if you read my blog, I think too much of a good thing can actually go bad. One of the things that makes a white room work for me is the pop. The room above is a fantastic example of a great pop. This room I actually found on Houzz in an 'ideabook' but clearly it first was published in Elle Decor. I like the color orange ~ in moderation. I love art! To me the art used in this room is a marriage made in heaven. The placement of the flowers and pillows in orange provides a wonderful rhythm sweeping one's eye from side to side. The furnishings are crisp and clean. The room is devoid of drapery again emphasizing the clean and crisp. The one thing lacking for me is texture. I love the look of the room but the overall feel is a bit sterile. I would love to see an odd shaped rug with a bit of texture on top of the rug they have placed. Perhaps an animal print in gray and white as I love gray and orange together. What do you think?

Here's some more white rooms that I like...

I found these beauties one of my favorite blogs of all times ~ Sarah Klassen's Haute Design. Sarah has impeccable taste. She found these at Brocade Home. These I find interesting because of the pops, patterns, and textures. In the last bedroom picture, the pop is actually another neutral ~ gray. The flowers are a lovely touch but clearly do not 'live' there all the time. The rhythm in the last photo is up and down ~ the area rug, to the duvet, to the pillows, to the chandelier and wallcovering. The first two bedrooms are simple one color pop but the architectural wall art makes a fabulous mark on these rooms. I also love the silver details.

Now for a bath...

Again, the pop of blue hues in the art and the black details in the zebra print area rug, welt, and throw brings a little something, something to add interest. Love the fireplace in the bath... oo la la! This photo is compliments of another 'ideabook' on Houzz.

And lastly, another living room...

This is a Jennifer Post design published in Architectural Digest. I love the contrast between the white and chocolate. The white just jumps off the chocolate and is a fabulous variation of the 'pop.' This is a soft white, with soft window treatments but clearly clean and crisp just not cold. I love how she outlined each piece in wood or a chocolate welt as if each piece is an art form warranting being framed.

There you have it ~ white done well (in my opinion). What's your take on white rooms? Do you have a favorite one from above?


  1. Love the white with the chocolate brown: white with black is classic, but can be very stark. The brown adds some warmth I think.
    And, thanks for the Brocade Home link! I had just been thinking about them, and haven't received a catalog for a year or two, was wondering if they were still in business! Will sign up for a new catalog...

  2. What a beautiful white room(s) post!

    I think the orange is perfect in that first room, just as you said -- such a warm color that offers so much richness. I'm also really drawn to the last room -- what a great living room! The sofas look heavenly...I want to snuggle up with a blanket, green tea and a good read. The dark wood and single leaf just seals the deal for me and makes this space become one of comfort...

    p.s thank you for the link love :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful week, Paula Grace*

  3. I completely agree about your assessment of the first room... right down to the beautiful art and the need for a bit of texture! What I was really taken with in your examples was the fantastic architecturally inspired white wall art. I love those pieces and dropped e-copies of these pics in my inspiration folder!!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  4. I like the first and the last. I actually love white with accents of green and brown. Beautiful post and thoughts. Thanks, Paula!

  5. I so like the second picture! The chandeliers are gorgeous! And also the purple pillows make a nice contrast...

  6. I am not usually one for white rooms, although I can certainly appreciate the artistry in the rooms you've shown. My favorite is Sarah Klassen Haute Design room with the flowers at the foot of the bed. There is so much texture in that room, it almost looks colorful!


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