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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursday's Room(s) ~ A Couple of My Own

For this Thursday's Room, I thought it would be fun to show you a project I am working on. The designs are done ~ they loved them. Furnishing and fabrics are either here or on their way. The work has begun! Remember the tweens rooms I wrote about? I wrote about it on Facebook and twitter for sure. I love doing kids' rooms (although, if I call a tween a kid, they may roll their eyes:) I'll show you a bit of each room's design. The reveal won't be for a bit as we are waiting on wallpaper and one piece of furniture (boo hoo). Both rooms will complete in June and I'll post before and after pictures.

The first room is for a chic young lady. She told me her color palette ~ turquoise and red ~ I added ivory and a pinch of chocolate. The Robert Allen fabric at the top is in her room. Here are a couple more also from Robert Allen...

Here is her furnishings plan...

And a couple pieces going in her elegant, sleek room...

Both from Worlds Away.

Right now ~ the room looks like this...

At least someone is enjoying the mess...

The color palette the other tween chose is vibrant ~ I love it too! The girls are very different, which their rooms will reflect. The ceiling will be purple. She also likes landscapes so naturally I turned to Byron Jorjorian for inspiration. Here is a piece of art from Byron that will be in the room (among others)...

Here is her furnishings plan...

She was very clear about wanting a comfortable seating area. Well my dear ~ you have one ~ a very comfortable chaise. Here are some of her fabrics...

The first two are from Robert Allen ~ the flower one is from Silk Loom.

Now for a couple of furnishings...

The lamp is from Arteriors; the etagere ~ Worlds Away.

And here is the room now ~ yikes...

You have a glimpse of the purple ceiling.

Truthfully, I had so much fun doing these rooms that I am as excited to see them done as the tweens are. I love that part of what I do! The anticipation of the full reveal ~ I get excited every time.


  1. How beautiful ..... I noticed the floor plans and furniture lay out ...1 bedroom the bed is katty cornered and 1 nightstand. First I am a big fan of cleanlines and good use of space and you have done a great job may I make 1 suggestion ..... take a good look with these linens you will be the cooles decorator in the area and u will be offering your young clients organization and uber convenience as well as traditional comfort www.FunctionAll-Linens.com I would be happy to send you product information.
    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Paula! Oh, I can't wait to see the room finished! Love the idea of using the colors from the sunset!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Hi Paula, not only do I like the fabric selections, I luv luv luv the purple ceiling. Good use of real estate in each room. Nice! Now I can't wait for the big reveal.

  4. As a teen, I had dreamed of having a decorated bedroom. Instead, I decorated my Barbie doll's bedroom. I look forward to seeing the outcome of your project.

  5. Love the purple ceiling and the turquoise pendant. Looking forward to seeing the afters.


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