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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wallpaper Removal

Vikki asked about wallpaper removal and noted committment issues. Yup, those are heavy issues. My client whose dining room you saw in my last entry was terrified of wallpaper. She trusted me though. Now she would like to use wallpaper MORE! I think the best way to handle commitment issues is to only do an accent first - one wall, shadow boxes, to back shelving, etc. You don't even need to adhere it yet - just place it with blue painter's tape. Live with it for a few days. If you don't like it - no bothers - all you lost was the bit of money spent. If you can get a large enough sample of the paper then you wouldn't have spent any money at all. I give the same advice for paint - by the way. These days you don't even need to by paint samples anymore. Most paint companies offer large paint swatches. I have clients place them all over the room and live with it for several days to see it in the different lights it will live in. Same for wallpaper. Ok, removal. I started to type but them thought, 'this must already be published.' Yes, it is. The Natural Handyman has it step by step for you. There are also companies that are for hire. I would recommend this if there is a lot of wallpaper to remove. Thanks for the question!

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