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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music and Design

This blog is about inspiration for designs. Inspiration comes from many places for me - art, fabric, nature.... but I have always had a special place in my heart for music. But music as an inspiration? Come on! Yes ~ music. Perhaps it is because I always have an association to the music I listen to or if I am hearing it for the first time - it evokes a feeling. And from a feeling, a design can emerge. Last night for example, I saw Bruce Springsteen in Washington, DC. It is not the first time I have seen him, or the last. What I noticed first were the bald keyboard players flanking the other members of the band. How symmetrical. They all wore black - nice unity - but many of them played several intruments - how diverse - the epitomy of harmony in good design. Bruce sang some old favorites and soon to be new favorites. As I was listening to his endearing voice, I started to think of interpreting it with texture. As I danced and listened -for three hours - I actually thought of many fabrics that interpret his voice. The one that stands out - mohair - soft but slightly coarse, luxurious, timeless, easy on the eye - and always fabulous. Bruce Springsteen sofa anyone?


  1. WOW ...I was standing and dancing right there next to you and did not even know that was going through my ultra talented interior designer friend's head. But boy ... you hit the nail on the head .... Mohair!!! Absolutely. I did however notice the all black and the bald heads .. that must be the artist in me. Brillant piece of writing! Your talents continue to amaze me!


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