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Friday, May 15, 2009

Silver and Gold on Your Walls

In today’s market, we have incredible choices for wallcoverings. One may choose from glass, cork, granite, silk, grass, bamboo…. the possibilities are endless. Classics are being updated – larger scale motifs are coming of age. I like new and different. I also like the classics – updated. My favorite wallcoverings involve metallic. I can look at silver and gold, in particular, endlessly. They also will likely be in style longer than coverings with non-neutral color. Every few years, the en vogue color palette changes. We’re enjoying hues of purple, eggplant, and fuchsia right now. But in 3-6 years, we’ll see. Wallcoverings can be changed, true, but not as easily as a pillow or other portable accessory. Below is my design I named ‘Feminine Dining Room.' I placed handcrafted gold wallpaper in the shadow boxes – one doesn’t need to use it everywhere in a room – an accent will do. I have used a wallcovering on one wall in many of my designs. The wallcovering I use is based on the desired effect – to anchor the focal wall, to provide contrast, to add texture and or pattern, to sparkle (the Swarovski Crystal selections from York add beautiful sparkle to any room)…. In the design below, the goal was to add pattern, texture, and sparkle. Sparkle was the primary goal for the whole design (note the chandelier and sconces adorned with crystal, the cut mirror accessories on the buffet, and the twinkling goblets used as candle holders). Two wallovering companies that I use often are York and Phillip Jeffries. Phillip Jeffries has an amazing line of silk coverings that add unsurpassed richness and elegance and yes, they come in silver and gold.

Here are some other examples of metallic and metallic-like wallcoverings courtesy of York.


  1. I have been wanting to do wallpaper for a while, but have commitment issues. I have heard horror stories about removing wallpaper and have personally had to pay hundreds of dollars to have wallpaper removed in my previous home. I have a new home and am starting from scratch. What do you recommend?

  2. Absolutely love this room - it really does sparkle! I love how you placed the wallpaper in the shadow boxes - really adds to the space!


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