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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Music and Design II

I feel compelled to speak about American Idol given my blog yesterday. I have not been a faithful fan of the show but this year I have been. I have DVRed it weekly. Why? The contestants. Now we are down to two: Adam and Kris. I like them both but for very different reasons. To me, it is a little like comparing apples to oranges both involving 'chill.' With Adam I see him as a Broadway star, sending chills down my spine with each performance. But a Broadway show is time-limted. I see the show, feelings are evoked, and then I leave. Would I be likely to have Adam's Broadway show on while hanging out with friends? No. That's where Kris comes in. I would definately have Kris' CD on while chilling with friends, sipping wine, or in the background while thumbing though my favorite magazines. So you see, I would want them at different times. Chills down my spine versus chilling out. So where does design come into this? It is all about interpretation. Here is my interpretation of Adam.

This room, done by the great Geoffrey Bradfield, picture courtesy of Architectural Digest. You may have seen this room also on HGTV Top Ten Living Rooms. This room is all about glamour with the spectacular rug with the larger than life motif, the lucite wing chairs and cocktail table, the sconced mirrors.... it is breathtaking - just like Adam's voice.

Now Kris.

This room's architecture is done by Locati Architects. The interior design by Locati Interiors. Photo again courtesy of Architectural Digest. Here, I can see myself curling up with my magazine or chatting with a good friend with Kris playing in the background. A feeling of contentment, a feeling of being soothed. The natural wood and leather make it warm and cozy. Sitting in chairs that are big and comfortable while being gently warmed by the natural sunlight. Now that's what I'm talking about. Do I want chills running down my spine? Absolutely! But I want to come home to soothing warmth.

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  1. Totally agree with the contrast but Adam is pure rock and roll to me. He definately gives you the chills. I picture a lot more black in the room I envision for him. Now there is a surprise. What an amazing talent. Go Adam!Kristin


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