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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time to Vote!!

Its time to vote for the E~Design Halloween Contest winner. One lucky lady will receive a E~Design or Virtual Design as I call it. You, my fabulous readers, will decide.

Thank you to all that submitted.

Take a look at all the photos and vote for your favorite to win! You have until Thursday the 29th at 12:00 noon to vote. The winner will be announced on my Fun Friday post October 30th.

(Those that have entered, now's your chance to get all your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, devoted readers, or simply people passing on the street or in the grocery store to vote for you!)

Are you ready? Commence voting! FYI ~ these photos appear in no specific order.
This entry is from Stepfanie. Stefanie writes, "Your giveaway sounds great - I'd love a design. The reason? I feel like I need a fresh pair of eyes to help me finish my master bedroom and put the finishing touches on my living room. By now, I'm kind of out of good ideas.

Next we have Sheila. Sheila writes, "I can't believe the generosity of your giveaway! I will gladly send you a fall picture of my home!"

Now its Paula's turn. Paula writes, "I would love to win this contest since over three months ago we have a water filter burst under our kitchen sink and water poured throughout our home for over 6 hours. It has been a mess. The good news is that I now have the opportunity to redecorate my living room, dining room and kitchen to what I want. When I moved to VA, I was over 7 months pregnant, working full time and did not have much time to get things the way I wanted them. While I love interior design myself and can help others, it is really difficult to do your own home."

Kristin submits this one. Kristin writes, "I'm a military spouse and recently we were transferred for the 8th time in 16 years. We are renting our new house and it is much smaller than any we have ever lived in. My husband is gone a lot for his job and I need a place for our children to play. The basement is unfinished and very old. I'd like to do something to make it a place where our kids can play when my husband is gone. I hope I win."

Karen sent this beauty in. Karen writes, "Great idea for a contest.I would love to win the virtual design contest. My main issue is that my great room is a sea of neutrals. I am planning to have the walls painted, but the very beige carpet will need to remain until I can afford to have hardwood floors installed. I live in a home with a very open floor plan. I'm unsure how it would look to replace the flooring in that room and not in the adjacent rooms. Not a huge dilemma, but I'd love your advice."

Now we hear from Chris. Chris writes, "I would love to enter! I have attached a picture of the candle and pumpkin display on our kitchen table. I hope you like it!"

Now we hear from Amy. Amy writes, "The cutest little boy lives in this house with the pumpkin man and would so love a precious creative design. He loves designing himself so how fun would this be !!! Thanks!."

Come on ~ cast your vote! Voting will end on Thurdsay at 8:00 pm. Don't forget the winner will be announced on my Fun Friday post this week!!

Thank you!

I'm linking with Between Naps on the Porch Metamorphosis Monday as someone will receive a design that may metamorphoses their space!

Tomorrow my High Point Highlights start ~ Stay Tuned!


  1. It was a tough decision; they were all awesome!


  2. I love the pumpkin man, he is just so cute...Love all the autumn decor, very warm and pretty...

  3. Stephanie, get your peeps to vote for you. Yours is the best.

  4. They all look great! I was really impressed with Stefanie's, though. Wow!

  5. Love them all! Love the color!

    Speaking of contests, I entered a little one about color. Would you please vote for me today - you only have 24 hours. Just go to the link below.
    Thanks so much! xo xo


  6. Im a little bit funny about asking for votes...I consider that cheating. I think the winner should just win on the merits, you know?

  7. I would agree except I emailed all admissions the link so they could let people know about the contest. That leveled the playing field. If some inform their people that they are in this contest and some don't ~ then I the playing field is altered. Its not so much about asking for votes ~ its informing people you know that there is a contest and they should check it out!

  8. That makes sense. I like to be fair and square but no harm in letting people know. Im writing up a post now.

  9. Oh dear, now I feel awful that I did share the contest on my blog. I do hope that people will chose their favorite though. It's only fun to win something if you have earned it.

    Thanks for sharing our projects Paula.

  10. They are all wonderful...but Mrs. Limestone/Stefanie has the WoW factor !!!

    Kathy :)

  11. Here's why I had this contest!
    1) Contests are fun! People like to participate in them either by entering or voting.
    2) I think E~Design is still mysterious to some so I wanted to be able to do one to show folks what the heck it is...

    I figured folks would post about it on their blogs and everyone had the opportunity to do so. So please don't feel bad, Karen. Its all fair and square. Its all good!!!

  12. Hello Paula Grace designs, how fun to have a contest. I enjoyed the entries and I voted. Thank you for a bit of fun.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  13. Oh and I just wanted to add that while all of the entries are clever, that last one is really cool. How did Amy get the top pumpkin to stay on the bottom?


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