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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Birth of a Coffer Ceiling

Have you ever wonder how a coffer ceiling comes to life?  Well it all starts with wonderful design and great wood from a trusted source.  I worked on this coffer with John Watson from Wood Products and Hardwood Interiors, Inc.  After the design comes measuring and measuring and measuring and then drawing it in AutoCAD.  That is key.
Of course you have to have a wonderful woodworker and installer to take the careful measurements and  assemble the puzzle and tweak it here and there to make sure it comes together brilliantly.  That is Harland Dodge's job.  He had this in his shop for quite some time perfecting it.
Next Harland and his team start the installation one piece at a time.  Here is when we realize how important those measurements are.
Fits like a dream!  I cannot wait to see it completed.  There is much more happening in this room than the coffer.
I am really looking forward to showing the finished results to you!


  1. That was fun to see--I haven't seen on built off site like that before! Have a great 4th!


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