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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Speaking of fabric ~ I'm in love with Schumacher

On Tuesday I went to the Washington Design Center as I usually do in search of stunning fabric. I found what I was looking for at two showrooms. One of them was Schumacher. Here was the difference between the two showrooms; the first one has lovely, well displayed fabrics. I asked for a bit of help and I was steered in a general direction but that's it. "If we had something it would be here." Then she walked away. "Thank you," I said. Then I went to Schumacher. A friendly young man asked me if I needed help. "Yes please." I showed him some fabric and leather. I asked him if he had something that could tie it all together. Off he went in search of the perfect fabric. He brought back a couple. I found a couple. He brought me some more. I found some more. The point is ~ we were a team. For the 15 minutes he helped me, it was sheer bliss. I left in record time with everything I needed in hand. He smiled and said a cheerful good-bye and off I went happy as a clam. Is this unusual for the folks as Schumacher? Noooooo sssssiiiirrrreeee! It's the norm. And that my friends is worth a million bucks.

Schumacher continues to impress me with their product and their service. I save emails I get from my vendors so this experience made me visit my Schumacher folder to take a look at their new fabric. I saw some in the showroom but didn't have time to fully explore. Now I'm sad I didn't. I'll need to spend more time in there the next visit to the WDC.

Let's look at some of their new Spring Classic 2012 prints. The ones at the top are called Chenonceau. I've shown it in Sky and Coral ~ two colorways I am loving these days. Isn't it stunning?

Here is Kiribati Ikat Print in Coral and Linen. Simply fantastic!

What about this little beauty ~ Malacca Ikat Vine in Linen and Willow? So sweet!

I love the fun sophistication of this print ~ Mataura Linen. It is shown here in Greige and Aegean.

Next we move on to their classic Palazzo Woven Collection. Of course I have to show the Bianca Matelasse (Bianca is my mother's name). I love it is the classic Ivory. The Montisi Linen Damask is beautiful. Perfect for casual elegance.

This floral is very similar to one of the fabrics he selected for me. I love this Berry colorway in the Lampasso Flori. The San Savino Embossed Linen is gorgeous. It is shown here is Aqua.

I love these two ~ the Tali Weave and the Toscana Linen Damask. I am so enjoying the damask they are doing. They are making them fresh and relevant.

Last but certainly not least, the Tokat Weave in Indigo and the Montalcino Applque Damask in Robin's Egg. Here is my favorite in their new damasks. The colorways are fantastic. I cannot wait to use this one. You can check out all of these fabrics at Schumacher. There are many more colorways and some I didn't post about but deserve notice. I can tell you I am certainly looking forward to my next visit. That showroom will be my first stop.

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