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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Come On Upstairs...

You may recognize these drapes from my old house. I really like the way they compliment the mirrors above the bed. Those mirrors use to be in my old dining room. Its always fun to see where things land when you move. See the chests and lamps? They use to be in my living room. So pieces from three rooms ended up here in one of our guest rooms!

This is the second guest room. Love the blue! The drapes conveyed with the house. The previously homeowner made them. They were in the sitting room on the main level. There were actually six panels in this silk. Two are in my office; two are in this guest room; and two are in my assistant's home :)

This is the master bedroom sitting and dressing table area... large silk panels for extra yum!

And my daughter's room complete with wide black and white stripes, a fuchsia ceiling and drapes to tie it all together. The black and white portion of the drape was in my daughter's old room. Her windows then were in an alcove. We still loved the peace signs so all I did was add fuchsia silk to the bottom to lengthen and add a few more baubles. I love the way they turned out!

We still have to put the fuchsia paint splatter decals on the walls. All is good time... all in good time.


  1. The living room chests look really good as night stands. I always loved that Wildcat bedding too. Very fun!

  2. Hi Paula! Long time no time to write! I still stalk you though:) I love how you added the silk to your daughters panels. I am always looking for ideas for the coastal condo's we do to save money and look interesting without doing an entire window in some horrific sea scape fabric the owner has located! A little goes a long way! As always, love your blog! ****Cheryl


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