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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why on Earth?...

Why on earth would a reputable builder make such a blunder? Look at the placement of this window. The molding at the top of the window is literally touching the crown molding. UGH! This is a dilemma I have had to contend with on one of my projects. The client did not want to reposition the window, which is understandable given the cost and all they want to do in their home.

We were discussing it yesterday. One would typically center the foyer chandelier in the window, which is exactly what they did. Their current chandelier is so high though it just looks wrong. My association to it is looking up and woman's dress ~ a distasteful position. They thought that was a funny and an accurate description of looking at the chandelier. I will show you I am doing to take the focus away from this builder's blunder next week. But first I am interested in your thoughts and ideas on how you would 'correct' this situation.



  1. What if you reframed the window and connected it to the door frame with something really strong and perhaps added a mirror in the center space? Within the new framed area. Take the added framing all the way to the floor.I almost think you have to take out the crown moulding above the window and create a discrete unit. Then use the mirrored area to help reposition the chandelier. Drfifirx

  2. I have seen so many examples of builders mistakes such as this .. is this home in a development? Or did they choose the builder?

    I like the mirror idea.. I like the light being reflected in the mirror and attention taking away from that window... which would end up making me completely crazy if I lived there :)

  3. Paula,
    I run into this ALL the time here in Nashville. I typically have my cabinet maker trim out the door and window in molding. ( I will try to email a pic) helps make it look a little less blunder and a little more intentional, if possible! Haha

  4. I would perhaps add some type of molding below and on either side of the window to distract the eye and make it a appear to be a deliberated choice.

  5. Wow, these are all great suggestions! This home is in a development.
    Paula Grace ~

  6. Great ideas about adding more trim to tie in the window with the door below, and drop the chandelier, of course. I suspect adding another window below it would be too costly, and would it really fix the problem? Funny visual about the dress...

  7. I would go with adding another window below it - if that is an option. Otherwise, mirror and additional trim work might do the trick. Good Luck!

  8. Based on what I know from knocking out walls everywhere I can to put in more, more, more windows, you should be able to put another window between the door and upper window. There will be a header above the door and one above the upper window, and vertical beams (a bunch of 2x4s or 2x6s stuck together) on either side of the door and the upper window. What that means is that structurally, you should be able to slip a new window in above the front door -- as long as the new window is not wider than those vertical beams, you can slip the new window in between those beams, and above the header that is above the front door. I hope that wasn't too confusing.

  9. I would put in a mirror that actually looks like a window underneath this mistake. The mirror can be custom designed to arch like the window but be wider, more like a transom just above the door and 2 side panel windows. I would also drop the chandelier so it looks a bit more natural to the space. The mirror will reflect the chandelier light. This would be more cost effective than putting in a transom window, although that is a great alternative too.


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