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Monday, August 2, 2010

Did You Participate in National Dance Day?

We sure did! I love this picture of Lauren :-) You may already know that I'm a fan of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). I love to dance! And so does my Lauren. So of course, living in the DC area, we went to the Mall to participate in National Dance Day. The stage was very close to the Capitol Building...
where many types and styles of dance were performed.

Nigel from SYTYCD was there along with Russell, the winner from Season Six...
Russell also performed solo but I watched that vs. taking pictures.

It was pretty organized. We were told to do freestyle and then break into the choreographed dance. We did several takes. I attempted to learn the dance. A received a phone call from my friend we were supposed to meet there and Lauren kept asking me if she was doing it right when they were teaching it so I really didn't get the whole thing down. I still did it though ~ 'did it' used generously here.

Lauren and I danced and danced.....

Occasionally she took a break to watch what was happening on stage...

Jim was a good sport! But what was she doing during the actual filming portion??...

I kid you not. She was enjoying a dripping, sticky Popsicle.
It was a lot of fun.

News crews were there capturing the event...
Here's a little sneak peak...

I am not in this video. I was further back. I am looking forward to seeing SYTYCD this Wednesday though. I'm going to look for myself. I'll be the one on the left one step behind everybody else.

Should I look for you too?


  1. I love it ! Even in the still photos, you can see she's Got Rhythm ! lol

  2. I think my girls would love this. by the way i noticed you had 99 followers and that seemed sad so I am following to make it a triple digit.

  3. Oh that's wonderful! I too am SUCH a fan of the show -- ridiculously so! I am so proud of the world of dance... and you, Paula Grace, are such a supporter of it -- it's wonderful to see -- and your little one? Oh, Lauren is so cute :)


  4. What fun, Lauren looks like she is enjoying every bit of it all! Janell


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