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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Monday's Method

This Monday's Method will focus on selecting a color palette. I have received several emails asking how I select a color palette. One reader in particular is loving the turquoise and blue/greens that she is seeing in the marketplace but is struggling to select other hues to compliment it.

Well, I usually start with some type of inspiration piece. Most often it is a piece of art, a fabric, or color found in nature. This is actually a very good way to develop a palette since an artist has already selected colors that work together or a fabric company has put their stamp of approval on it or Mother Nature has crafted beautiful scenery.

I get questions a lot on paint colors. My first question is always "What are we basing the colors on?" Usually after this question, people stare me with a blank expression. I smile and say "First we need to find something that can animate that blank expression ~ something that you love." First find a piece of art, a fabric, and place that you love. Let's take the fabric above as an example. This fabric is from Beacon Hill ~ Verlander in Tourmaline. You can see there are four colors in the palette of this fabric. These colors may begin a palette especially if a blue/green is one of the colors you are enjoying these days.

I must admit, I tend to shy away from placing a great amount of a trend color in a room. I like to develop a 'canvas' of neutrals and then add color in smaller doses. First, I love neutrals; second, if one would like to change out the pop color, it is easier if it is in a pillow versus a sofa. Unless you absolutely love the color and have for years uninfluenced by trends, then I would place a color on a large piece of furniture or on the walls. Accents though is where I place the majority of color.

Here is a piece of art entitled As One by Victor Klauss represented by Art and Frame Source. I love Victor Klauss's work. I have him in several places in my home. The one above, I have in my bedroom (of course!). The palette of the room came from this painting.

It is a simple palette of neutrals (yum!) and red (vavoom!) Hey, it's a bedroom ~ remember ;)

Recall the tweens rooms I am doing... one of them was completely influenced by wonderful scenes in nature. If you don't have a place that can draw from ~ look at great photos captured by a great photographer's artistic eye...

Byron Jorjorian's fantastic work above.

Art, fabric, combinations found in nature are all great places to be inspired for color palettes.

Hey, let's help each other ~ do you have a favorite palette? Share for those looking for inspiration!

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  1. I just love your designs, and find them so inspiring. I used to be one to put the color that I loved on walls, the big pieces ....I just embraced color all over. Since moving to an apartment, I have been forced to embrace beige walls, golden beige carpet, brown counters, black appliances and white blinds and trim....neutrals everywhere I looked, oh and then the couch and chair we could afford was brown...but I have slowly been adding in my fav shade of blue Teal, then varied shades of it seeped in...recently I fell in love with an area rug that was mainly red, but it had the blue, the gold , the black and even a shade close to brown in it and so much more...that brought in red, and soon a lovely color pallet was born and then to be adventurous I am now playing off the gold of the carpet in painted furniture, a picture,touches in other art that ties all the colors together in one piece...just tiny touches...and balance it all out with loads of white..it is really starting to come together and it is lovely..or so I have been told...so now I am a believer in a neutral base.

    Another wonderful , inspiring read!

  2. A gorgeous room, and informative post, too!

  3. The bedroom you designed looks like a very comfortable and relaxing retreat.

    I enjoy cool greens and blues and cream colors as paint colors.

  4. Yes, Ruby you are so correct. Rugs are definately another source of palette inspiration! I'm glad you are embracing neutrals!
    Paula Grace ~

  5. I'm an amatuer...but use the same method of picking a palette. I'm in the process of changing my wall color throughout the house to more of a neutral, b/c I seem to too much inspiration and like to change things up so much. :)

    Gorgeous work!

  6. Hi, Great pictures and post!
    I hope that you have a lovely new week!

  7. Interesting explanation. We all work in different ways and it's helpful to tell others I agree. Please stop by and get in on our glass vessel sink giveaway (last day!) if you haven't already. Jane F

  8. I love the colors in your bedroom. And your photos are always clean and crisp. I must take photography lessons from you!


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