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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun Friday ~ Week in Review

This was an interesting week on the personal front. Work was busy, busy... details, details... but life with the family was epic. Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating just a hair but still, it was a full week.

The first thing that happened was Lauren's pet hamster, Tulip, died. Lauren at the young age of seven has already attended family wakes and funerals. Her way to say good-bye is to leave a note or a piece of memorabilia in the coffin. This is her first pet to pass to the other side. We buried her in the backyard complete with memorial service and a gravestone that Lauren made. She painted a daisy on it and wrote "Good-bye Tulip, Love Lauren." The ground was damp so some of it came off but the sentiment is there.

After that we went to the Washington Nationals game where the now famous Stephen Strasburg pitched his first game for the Nats. We sat behind home plate. It was an amazing, fun time. Lauren yelled so loud she almost lost her voice. Jim snapped these pictures. The first pic you can actually see the ball flying though the air, which was difficult to see to the naked eye because his pitches were sooooo fast. Yup, at his very first Nats game, he broke the Nats record for most strike outs in a single game. How wonderful! The Nats hitters came to play too. There were several home run smash hits that sent the capacity crowd to their feet. Baseball is not my favorite sport to watch (football is) but with this year's team, I may just step up to the plate myself.... and watch :)
Last, but not least, Millie. Remember Millie, our rescue terrier mix? This week for the first time, Millie learned the joy of riding in a car with her face out of the window. I kid you not! Millie is a bit timid when it comes to certain things ~ like going into a bathroom. She WOULD NOT go into a bathroom when we first got her. We don't know why but after letting her know over and over again that the bathroom was a benign room, she finally ventured in. Perhaps she had some bad experiences in a bathroom that scared her but now she has no trouble at all coming in. She does not drink out of the toilet though ~ YAY! Getting back to the car window ~ at first Millie had difficulty getting into the car but, again, after she saw that the car was not an evil place she jumps in without hesitation. However, she would never get on the seat and stick her nose out the window. At first, Lauren held her on her lap and let her smell the air through the open window. Millie liked that. Next, I placed her on the seat by herself until she felt comfortable jumping up there on her own. Then I opened the window and drove around slowing a few times. Millie didn't venture up to stick her nose out for a while. But this week, she did. After a couple more drives, Millie is now sticking her nose out the window. When I say Millie is deliriously happy when she does this is not an over statement. When she looks at me after she does this, I swear she is smiling. Life is good.

I think we're going to get another hamster. I wonder if there are rescue hamsters... hmmmm?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a great human and puppy mommy!

  2. They do have smiles on thier faces when their heads are hanging out the window. Sorry about the hamster.

  3. What a week! What a touching moment with your daughter and her pet hamster.

  4. Aww, some good times + some not so great times... here's hoping your weekend is wonderful :)



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