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Monday, February 15, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ~ Three

Welcome to Timeless Tuesday ~ Three. Today I'm paying tribute to the mirror. I love using mirrors in my designs. In the tweens rooms I am doing now, I designed one wall of each to be in mirror. All tweens need plenty of full length mirrors to see themselves in. With that being true, there are a few other reasons I placed mirrors in their rooms (and other rooms) ~ to enlarge the space ~ that is a well known trick ~ to add light ~ another easy thing for mirrors to do ~ and lastly, to reflect the design back to them so it may be enjoyed from any where in the room. Mirrors have been used in just about all styles...

Traditional ~

Diane Burn published in Architectural Digest

Contemporary ~

John Lyle published in Metropolitan Home

And many styles in between.

I like placing mirrors by the main door used to enter and exit the home. This way folks can give themselves one last check before walking out the door. This has saved me from leaving my home with lipstick on my teeth ~ YIKES! Here is one I placed in a foyer of a Bethesda, MD client ~

This vignette is completed with a stool to comfortably sit and take shoes on and off ~ a must for the winter we've been having!

One of the most important factors to be cognizant of is what the mirror is reflecting. This can even be a main factor in the design.....

In this design of mine, I placed a mirror over the mantel ~ a classic position for a mirror. This one reflects the art on the opposing wall. If you look in the mirror above, you'll see the wall below.

I must admit ~ reflecting art in my favorite. Below is my 'His and Hers' design.

His masculine lounge complete with a large scale floor mirror...

her feminine dining room full of sparkle and gorgeous art.

The sparkle and beautiful art of the dancer enjoyed in both.

With the next design, I used the large wall on the stairs to bring light to the upper level hall. When one is is the balcony area, it appears bigger and brighter with these mirrors that double as architectural beauties.

Mirrors have been well used by all design styles to add expanse, depth, light, and to see oneself. These functional pieces of glass will always be timeless.

Now it's your turn! I can't wait to see what timeless pleasures you have in store.

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  1. What a great post! Your work is simply stunning! My favorite is the arched mirror over the fireplace reflecting the opposing art wall. Just beautiful!
    Speaking of fireplaces, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Your information was very helpful. I'll be checking out your link.
    I'm off now to write a post for TT. Have a good week!


  2. I use mirrors a lot more than art in my decorating, because they are a functional way to decorate a wall and they open up a room. They are less restrictive that wall art in decor styles as well. Great choice!

  3. Love this post... I have big mirrors in my house as well and they reflect the view of the Biscayne Bay in Miami... ;)

  4. Hi Paula Grace, I'm a little late for the party -- sorry! I love to use mirrors to open up the small rooms in my house. :)

  5. Mirrors -- they can be just the perfect "art" for a wall. Love them, and love your designs. Classic and beautiful. I hope you don't mind my jumping into your meme; I navigated here from Mary of Little Red House.
    Best wishes, Cass

  6. I love the his and hers mirror placement and I agree about needing one by the front door.


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