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Monday, February 1, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ~ One

Welcome, welcome to my first Timeless Tuesday link party. I am very excited to be hosting such an event. There are so many timeless beauties to see and savor ~ I hope this party will be the place to experience them. Wondering what's it's all about? ~ click here to read the post that defines Timeless Tuesday. I can't wait to see what everyone links. I'm sure it will be great fun, inspirational, and a place to learn. But what was I to write about on this opening day??!! I know ~ the Bergere Chair and its close relations!

Design by Diane Burn published in Architectural Digest

I am starting with a room I can imagine the classic Audrey Hepburn visiting. Lovely, isn't it? This Diane Burn design caught my with with its soft palette and feminine elegance.

The Bergere chair's genesis was in the Louis XV period. They were designed with comfort at the fore. The craftsmen of the time 'perfected' their vision by erasing any straight line from the chair. The recognizable curves and cabriole legs are their trademark. The frame was often adorned with carved leaves and flowers. This exceptional design has stood the test of time and is still widely used today. It has been updated and altered with creative spins but the bones are still visible.
The Curved Back Bergere ~ Hickory Chair

The Knox Bergere Chair ~ Cedar Furniture
The embellished 19th Century Italian Neoclassic Bergere ~ Baker Furniture.

Here are some additional examples of the Bergere application...

Designed by Penny Drue Baird published in Architectural Digest

Designed by Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper & Company published in Architectural Digest

Designed by Jackie Glisson ~ HGTV.com

Christian Dior's retreat near Fountainbleau published in Architectural Digest

Even the ever tasteful Christian Dior coveted this chair as did our first president George Washington. Now that's what I call a classic!

It's your turn ~

To join Timeless Tuesday:

1) Add your permalink below ~ not your blog's address in general but the specific post you want people to visit. To obtain the actual post link, click on the title of your post once you have published it and copy and paste the URL into Mister Linky.

2) Leave your name and say a couple of words to describe your post (e.g. "Coco Chanel suits" or "Classic interior design for children" or "Delicious meals in a snap."

3) Copy and paste the Timeless Tuesday logo button (on my right sidebar) to your blog's sidebar and your Timeless Tuesday posts. This is a sure way for your readers to know you have joined in the party.

4) Link back to the host blog, that's me ~ Paula Grace Designs Blogspot Timeless Tuesday ~ so all the bloggers that joined the party will receive many interested visitors.

It's that easy! Thanks for joining! Have fun perusing all the timeless classics.


  1. Looking forward to participating each week. Great idea for a party. I added you to my page of link parties so folks can find you.

  2. Good morning Paula Grace :)

    The Bergere chair is definitely a classic. I have one in my living room and my dog thinks it's hers LOL

    I made a list of all things timeless. I hope that's okay.


  3. Love the bergere. I have a channel back version of my Grandmas that I love. I learned in my class at Les Arts Decoratifs that it means closed arm chair. When people call the same cabriole leg chair with open arms a bergere, they are not using the correct term. It is really a fauteuil (arm chair). Now saying "fauteuil"? That is not so easy, I really suck at French. Wish I didn't, but I do.

  4. Yes, Kristin, you are exactly correct. The fauteuil came just before the bergere. They are closely related. Come on, you're supposed to know how to say these words. I rely on you for such things!
    Paula Grace ~

  5. love you choice. The bergere chair is one of my favs.I chose the canopy bed.

  6. I just love your blog. The canopy is amazing. Audrey Hepburn was a great choice for your blog icon. Thanks for hosting and checking out my kitchen.

  7. Already loving this series!!

    Audrey was indeed the perfect lady to begin a great series, Paula Grace. I'm so excited to visit other participants :)

  8. Dear Paula I would love to participate but I will be on a vacation in the next weeks and will not be available here on blogger until 25 of February...can I add myself after I returned to my blog? Let me know please.

    I enjoyed your post oh so much and I love the whole idea :-)

    Hope you having a lovely weekend, cheers: Evi


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