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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stefanie's (aka Brooklyn Limestone) E~Design

Do you remember this image??! This was the winning decor in my Halloween Contest. The winner received an E~Design. This fabulous photo was submitted by Stefanie, the creative author of the Brooklyn Limestone blog.

Today, I'm showing you the E~Design (or Virtual Design as I call them) I came up with for her master bedroom based on Stefanie's pictures, questionnaire, and emails. What is an E~Design you ask? It is genuine interior design services from a far. The client does some of the work ~ measuring, photos, and a lengthy questionnaire. Phone calls and emails later and viola, an E~Design is born!

Here are the pictures and floor plan Stefanie sent to me.....
I don't think I could ask for better bones to work with! Stefanie pretty much gave me full range. See the solder's kissing art just above? Those needed to stay! Wonderful. Her wall color was already lovely so no need to change that. The walls are Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore. I recreated the bedroom portion in AutoCAD to do the space and furniture plan. Here is the summary I sent to Stefanie (I'll include the pieces I selected as I go. Stefanie received all the pictures on a CD, fabric and paint samples, and spreadsheet with all the information on each piece).....

"The master bedroom begins with these premises ~ keep the kissing soldier pictures, black in every room, late Victorian with additional styles mixed in. The paint color, Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin remains (good choice!). Extra storage would be helpful. There is an extended family of pets to consider at all times.

The inspiration palette comes directly from the paint color and the kissing soldier art. Within the art, I picked up on shades of neutrals (browns, blacks, ivory).

I love the graphic fabric choice on the bed however I would reserve the pattern for a smaller piece in the room and on the rug. To ground the bed and the room as a whole, I would start by placing an 8’ x 11’ rug in a sculpted ivory tone on tone as seen in the illustration. I chose the Sculpture series in Surya’s line (SCU-7511) as it has a large scale graphic similar to the fabric I selected for the chaise (see scanned picture on disk ~ sorry about the picture quality ~ it is a brand new rug. You can see the motif on the brown rug but I would use the ivory one in your room).

I love the headboard ~ definitely keep it! For the bed, I would like to calm it with a neutral bedspread and shams made with Robert Allen: Contentment – Taupe. The fabric is 100% cotton, crush and stain resistant, and has a 50,000 double rub abrasion ~ very durable fabric pet friendly fabric. For contrast, I would add a 10” x 27” bolster in Robert Allen: Boqueron – Jade.

For added interest and luxuriousness, I would add an ivory faux fur throw from Wildcat Territory: Aura.

In the harmony principle of design, there is diversity and unity ~ both create harmony. I like that the nightstands are different; that adds interest. I would unify them by painting them both in Benjamin Moore: Cream Froth (OC-97). I would keep the black lamps.

(Silver Marlin and Cream Froth)

To complete the focal point, I would add art over the bed. You have two choices ~ Highlands II (a photo) or AT (a painting) (see on disk)both from Art & Frame Source. Both have similar hues to the kissing soldiers and are calming.

Since you like to have black represented in each room of your home, I have done so in the master bedroom with the art / frames.

In the bay window, I would place the Petite Chaise from TCS Designs. It is the perfect size for the area. The fabric choice brings the graphic print back into the room. The chaise fabric would be Robert Allen: Jeu De Balle – Capri. I would also have a pillow on the chaise. The center of the pillow in Robert Allen: Gemveto – Jade; the border in the same fabric as the bedspread (Contentment – Taupe) ~ see illustration for pillow.

The accent table for the chaise (for a nice cup of tea) would be either the French Moderne Side Table-Antique Brass & Mirror (table for chaise 2 – on disk) or the Petite 2 Tiered Table-Antique Brass (table for chaise) both from Global Views.

To complete the seating area, add a Holtkoetter Satin Nickel Pharmacy Style Floor Lamp to read your shelter magazines with ease.

For extra storage, I would add a dresser to the right side of the fireplace. I have several choices for you all from Stanley Furniture. Two of the dressers come is different finishes as seen in the pictures. The Classics British Colonial Drawer Chest (dressers 1 & 2) I have shown you in weathered ebony and ivory finishes. Either would work well. Dressers 3 & 4, Shelter Island Chest, come in similar finishes. The Hudson Street comes in a espresso finish and is more streamlined than the others. My favorite is the British Colonial. I love the legs. However, the Shelter one is similar to your fireplace architecture.

On the left side of the fireplace, I would install a mirror. The mirror including the molding should be the same size as the dresser for symmetry. Purchase molding that you like and have a mirror cut to size and beveled. Paint the molding the same color as the nightstands or if you choose a dark dresser, you may also paint the molding similar to the dresser. Simply install the mirror on the wall and place the molding around it. Corners should be cut at 45 degree angles for a finished look.

This corner of your room will be complete with a piece of art - Calmed (art behind corner chair on the disk) and the same slipper chair you have now reupholstered in Robert Allen: Hilbert Estate – Orchid. I would finish the chair with a lumbar pillow (7” x 20”) in Robert Allen: Artisan Glass – Surf.

The kissing soldier art, I would move to the first wall in the room, just inside the door. I would position it vertically and at the same distance from the hall as the art on the other wall flanking the hall (see drawing).

The chandelier is fantastic; I wouldn’t change that ~ ever! The window treatments should marry well with this design. I would move the silhouettes you now have over the bed to just over the dresser top arranged as you have it now.

Additional accessories should be selected and placed after the major pieces to the room are complete.

All pillows, bolsters, bedspread and shams should be self-welted.

The overall appearance of the room will be calm yet not sleepy. There is a lot of texture and pattern yet the colors are simple ~ neutrals and variations of the silver blue of your walls."

There you have it ~ Stefanie's Master Bedroom E~Design. I had so much fun doing it!

What do you think? Love it, hate it, somewhere in between??!! I'd love to hear you thoughts!

This may be a true metamorphosis so of course I am linking with Between Naps on the Porch. The paint is a tint of blue~green so I'll be at Smiling Sally's too!

Join in the fun!


  1. This would be beyond me if I was there. I'm amazed at what you can do from drawings and pictures.

    I'm wondering what you see as you approach the bedroom door and enter the bedroom. Do you see the mirror first, then maybe the fireplace. Keep the TV above the mantle? I wonder if trying to camouflage the TV just brings more attention to it ... I don't know.

  2. All great design. I so appreciate that you are working with items already owned to create a new room. Wonderful!

  3. I think that Stefanie is a fortunate woman to have you working for her! Happy Blue Monday.

  4. Love, love, love it!! I really like your fabric choices...a lot!

  5. Wonderful fabrics you chose. I love that fireplace and mantel too. Happy Blue Monday!

  6. Thanks again Paula! Your ideas are fabulous. I'll definitely be back with an update.


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