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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skip Sroka

This is the work of my friend Skip Sroka, interior designer extraordinaire. This project is featured on the Home & Design website right now so you can read all about it. When I came across these pictures though, I thought they were exceptional examples of the principles and elements of good design. Case in point, the room above is a perfect example of how symmetry done well makes for calm and pleasing outcome. The palette also lends itself to the classic as these neutrals will never tire. Note the ceiling in this first picture, the subtle architectural detail, and how it is carried throughout for wonderful interest and flow. This gradation is also seen on the fireplace surround. Lovely rhythm.

The softness of the palette is remarkable showing perfect restraint. I love the floor detail. It is not overpowering; it is simple, elegant, and classic.

The ethereal beauty of the palette and furnishings is so calming.

The banquette is so inviting in this room it just draws me in. I literally want to spend time here.

Soft, spa-like.

Note the repeat motif from the hard wood floor in the dining room on the carpeting. What a wonderful connection from the public to private space.

This home will be as in style in 10 years as it is right now. Why? Because of the attention to detail and excellent editing. The most complex pattern seen is still organized and repeated in at least two places. This makes the senses happy ~ they note the familiar pattern and feel comforted at the same time a bit exhilarated from the punctuation. Simply magnificent. But that's Skip. Kudos!


  1. He has a sense and style similar to one of my girlfriends

  2. Wow Paula that is quite a compliment!


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