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Monday, March 26, 2012

Living Room Installation

Last week I did an installation at one of my long time clients' home. You may remember the cutie pie above from another post...

That's her from the Tween Room. Now she's helping out with the living and dining room installations. I actually asked her politely to get off the drapes in the first picture. That's how she looked at me. Kind of like my 9 year old when I ask her to clean her room ~ perplexed!

Here's Jeff installing the gorgeous silk drapes. Oo la la!

And the art work. Every time Jeff, Joe, and I do an installation we have fun. I am very particular about how art is hung and we are forever adjusting to make it perfect.


I love the connection between the chandelier from Visual Comfort and the wine cabinet from John Richard. The shape of the chandelier is repeated in the cabinet. Lovely rhythm.

Did I happen to mention there are two of them? Adorable! They always try the new furniture first. Always!

There are two missing pieces of furniture ~ the cocktail table and the other green chair, both from Hickory Chair. My green chair went to Lilian August and I received her Virginia Chair. Well if there had to be a mistake at least my chair was in good hands. No worries, her chair and my chair are being swapped as I type. As soon as the two missing pieces are placed its time to accessorize.

Later this week I'll show you the dining room installation and a picture from the foyer installation, which I love. Stay tuned!

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  1. So sophisticated and classic. Great job!



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