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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What do you think of this ceiling?

Salon with Custom Plaster Ceiling traditional living room

I like this ceiling a lot. The whole design really. I enjoy the complexity of the ceiling with the simplicity of the furnishings below. I would love to see it fully accessorized. I found this a Houzz by dSPACE Studio. What do you think? Is the ceiling a classic or a trend?


  1. I think I like it .. only as long as the room remains as calm and non-busy. With a ceiling like that, you can get crazy easily :)
    I prefer the typical coffered ceilings of squares.

  2. I love the ceiling but am a little uncomfortable with the empty bookshelves, especially lit and wonder if the room would get too busy with the shelves filled - although it may be the wave of the future with the dawn of ebooks...no books on shelves! Someone else commented on FB that perhaps in a different room size. This sure does photograph beautifully though. Thanks for sharing it Paula!

  3. I do really like this ceiling. I'm wonder if the angle and lens used by the camera intensifies it. I agree the accessories would have to be few and meaningful to keep it quiet. Perhaps one piece on each shelf, properly proportioned of course!

  4. A spectacular roof, the idea was good in the reform, I follow your creations every week I surprised, congratulations.


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