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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kristin Drohan Collection

Have you heard about the eco-friendly, high style Kristin Drohan Collection? If yes, you're in the know. If no, you will. Kristin is actually a friend of mine but that's not why I writing this post. Kristin's furniture fills a niche ~ the eco-friendly, durable, and stylish niche. Kristin, after having done many homes with children and pets who also wanted to be eco-friendly, noticed a lack of product in the marketplace. Sure there is eco-friendly not so much in a transitional ~ traditional realm. And not in a price conscious manner. Kristin got to work. She researched, sourced, researched some more, designed, designed, designed and viola ~ the Kristin Drohan Collection was born. Kristin continually researches, sources, and designs. Her work is never done. I believe her product line is about to explode. Is it widely known yet? No... but it will be in the next couple of weeks. So, I wanted to share my favorite pieces with you and the care and pride she takes with her line. It is really amazing. For the next few days I'll be featuring her creations. Do you like the one featured up top? I used these bar stools in a design and they just gorgeous. I'll get that project photographed soon and show you what I mean. Today I'm featuring a video of Kristin speaking about some very wonderful and interesting features of her furniture.



  1. Omgosh, I'm so flattered. Thanks you so much. We have so many new pieces we will launching very soon. I'm so excited! Thanks again for sourcing and using the Kristin Drohan Collection in your design work. I can't wait to see that kitchen w the bar stools.

  2. I usually do not post in blogs but yours is amazing and good work.


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