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Monday, March 28, 2011

Transformation Begins...

And so the transformation begins. Here is Lauren's little girl room. From the corona hangs crocheted drapes made by Jim's grandmother. This was my favorite part of the room. I felt as if Lauren's great grandmother was embracing her each night as she slept. Her room was adorned with pictures of her family... Her grandmothers, her grandfathers, Jim and I, and all her first cousins. I used baby pictures for some. We made three boxes for items to go in ~ donation, trash, and memory... Many things went into the memory box including the beloved drapes... This morning before Lauren left for school, she literally kissed the unicorn and each fairy good-bye in her mural... Here are my painters reviewing the complex horizontal paint job before them. My painter wants pictures when all is said and done. "This one is for the books." Of course I can accommodate that request. You had a glimpse of what's to come... As we go through the process, I will fill you in. It really is going to be vastly different from the princess room it once was but as Lauren grows and wants to reflect her own sense of style and personality, the room must grow with her. I just hope I can stay with her through it all and nurture all that is to come.


  1. oh, I hope you post a lot about this project, it looks very intriguing! Love her room before, but they do grow up fast don't they?! Isabella is already not loving her "pink" drapes, a couple years after the completion of the room. Changing tastes...:)

  2. OMG Janell ~ I cannot believe your the first comment. I have been thinking about you the whole time Lauren and I designed this room. I was even going to try and incorporate chalk board paint! I will post a lot about this and yes, they do grow up fast. Lauren wants pink drapes ~ hot pink that is!

  3. Oh it's going to be gorgeous...can't wait to see!!

  4. I hope its gorgeous! Today my daughter decided she wants drapes with trim. Ok, I said ~ I will show her the choices (I found 7 she will choose from) and then I'll post them. I'll let you know what she decided.

  5. Love her room before, but they do grow up fast don't they?! Can't wait to see!


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