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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Blues and Oh Those Views...

No doubt you've seen these incredible pictures in Architectural Digest but I couldn't help but adore them one more time. These are a few photos of a two year redesign from architect Carlos Aparicio high in the sky. You know I am fond of blue. I have it in my own living room and sun room. It is used wonderfully here. The art is magnificent. The human form is my favorite for almost any medium. I love the floor and ceiling echoing the other. Here's more... Here is my day in this fabulous place. I enjoy the view for hours on end...
I do some work in my chic study and enjoy the views for hours on end...
After a hard day's work, I relax and soak and enjoy the views for hours on end...
I retire to my soft and cozy bed and dream of the views for hours on end.

The end.


  1. Love everything. Especially the bed. So inviting!

  2. ohhh lala. I love the work area - the stylish table, the modish chair, the elegant lamp shade.

    The design and layout of the work area are amazing. I would love to apply this to my home office. I would just have to add some house accessories such as wind chimes.

    I really love the photos...


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