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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ode to Pink Rerun

This post originally came out in September 2009. Both Sarah and I love pink and with Pantone's color of the year being honeysuckle pink, I thought a show how forward thinking we are :)

Today I have the lovely Sarah Klassen from Haute Design as my guest. Sarah is on my blog today ~ I am on her blog today. (I don't think that is true of the present day) How fun! How wonderful!

I am so happy to be a guest on Paula Grace’s lovely blog! We have a special treat in store for you today. We decided to swap posts – Paula Grace covering interior décor, and I, fashion. Beyond our love of fashion and décor, we also share a love of pink, which led us to an all-out “Ode to Pink” post. It all began when I was fortunate to win Paula Grace’s wallpaper/fashion matching contest a short while back. The prize was a beautifully crafted Coach wallet. Paula Grace had emailed me to ask what color I would like, and naturally, I chose pink!

This wallet is so lovely – the perfect companion to many outfits and handbags. When I received it in the mail, not only was I very excited, but my mind was soaring with all of the outfit possibilities. The bonus? It’s lined with the softest, sweetest lavender. Not a combination that is typically used, but is very charming.

In these images, I am wearing tones of deep blue and black, and have used the wallet as the main source of color. It also looks pretty paired with the softest of pinks, the darkest of grays, and heavenly with aubergine and silver. It can play the main role in the outfit, or beautifully accompany the main piece in the look.
I hope you enjoy this post below, which demonstrates some of the different ways in which to wear pink. From warm pinks with tones of orange, to soft, barely-there samples, to brights, and cool options, there are a vast number of possibilities, depending on your mood, coloring, and style preferences.

Here, pink is classic, tailored…maybe even a bit sassy! It runs the show. If you’re loving this look, think Manhattan, Carrie Bradshaw, tea at the Plaza, classic, vintage-inspired pieces, with a dash of glamorous accessories to complete the look. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone? I’ll bring the coffee!

Here, there is no girly touch left unnoticed. From the oversized bow, to the full, layered skirt, this Christian Lacroix ensemble is the epitome of haute couture. Simple legs and shoes let the dress be the show. The hair design offers a twist to the otherwise voluptuous look. Isn’t that dress spectacular?

Powerful pinks reign here. Combined with layers and umpteen textures, pink has been worked into a Fall/Winter look, seamlessly. Rich jewel tones combine to create an overall statement. Or, alternatively, combined with pearls and metals, softens the otherwise cool look, and brings out a floral/berry appeal. I’m especially loving the deep blue paired with hot magenta!

The sweetest, most feminine and decadent movie that showcases pink? Marie Antoinette of course! From hats, boots, and lips to full dresses, pink plays quite a role. When the ladies aren’t wearing pink, they’re eating pink macaroons, laying in pink bedding, or drinking pink champagne. The height of girly.

It’s easy to add a touch of pink to your outfit! The possibilities are endless -- pretty shoes, a simple belt, a bow, classic bag, or fun array of bangles.

Are you craving some pink now? Here are a few beautiful items for your Christmas list, or the perfect gift for a loved one. (P.S don’t forget your four-legged friend!)

Gift Items (these prices may have changed):

01 Kate Spade – Plaza Bow Pouch - $145,
02 Kate Spade– Guilia - $325,
03 Kate Spade – Guest - $325,
04 Kate Spade – Have Courage Idiom Bangle - $78,
05 Kate Spade – Take A Chance Idiom Bangle - $78,
06 Kate Spade – Tickled Pink Candle - $48,
07 Kate Spade – Hand in Hand Dog Sweater - $125,
08 Juicy Couture – Studded Neon Collar - $45,

If punchy pink is too much for you, perhaps you’re more drawn to barely-there pinks –the softest and most romantic pink sister of all. Pure elegance.

Whether you are going out, staying in, or just want a pretty pedicure, this soft blush color is most universally flattering and timeless. (think Chloe) Whether you are keeping the whole outfit soft, or using black (or other dark colors) as the grounding element, this subtle color is as gentle in spirit as a lamb.

Why is it that we love pink so much? What is about this color?

Pink evokes so many emotions…passion, happiness, romance, confidence, fun, etc. The list goes on and on.

* It has been proven that pink encourages friendliness while discouraging aggression and ill-will
* From brands like Victoria’s Secret and Juicy Couture, to Laduree, to movie characters, such Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”, there are many, many positive associations that have been created with the color

What is it about pink that draws you in?

Thank you Sarah for this wonderful post ~ always talented, always informative, always lovely.....

That settles it! If I ever need a stylist, I am flying Sarah in.

1/5/2011 I still love pink!


  1. Paula I am impressed....one of my very favorite paintings has that saturated pink in it and I plan to do more!

    Art by Karena

  2. I used to link pink when i was a kid, then in my young adult hood i hated it and now i love it again. Such a feminine color. Great post!


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