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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Organized ~ Again

I often get requests for help with home organization. The New Year always brings these requests in buckets. I think many people want to start off the year as organized as possible or make resolutions to have a more organized home, office, life… whatever the case may be. This year is no different. Getting organized is one thing; sustaining organization is another. It’s a mind set, a discipline. I struggle with this myself. I start out determined to keep my studio organized but in the throws of creativity (at least that’s what I tell myself) my studio always becomes a bit messy. I clean it up with the same resolve to always put things back and then it happens all over again. This is a behavioral issue that perhaps a bit of therapy may help but then I recall the timeless philosophy ~ a place for everything and everything in its place. There is truth to that. For example in my studio, I have a finite amount of space but new fabric, catalogs, samples, etc. come all time. That means I have to purge periodically or chaos will ensue. I admit, I am a bit of a pack rat when it comes to my studio because I never know when a piece I have been cherishing will be perfect for a project. Still, I do purge AND have storage such that all really does have a place. Don’t underestimate having the correct storage for the job and having guidance on how to get and stay organized.

A couple of good books on this topic are House Beautiful The Organized Home: Stylish Storage Solutions for Every Room and Real Simple: The Organized Home. Both are available through Amazon for under $20.00.

What about particular pieces for storage? Well if books are your things, how about a library where they can be organized by topic or author. The Royal Library Cabinet from Sarreid is just the ticket.

It comes complete with a ladder and beauty galore.

No butler’s pantry to organized entertaining? No worries, how about a bar cabinet. I love the Cleo Bar Cabinet from Hickory Chair.

Closed, it is beautiful; open, it’s a slice of heaven for your guests.

Home office blues? There are many home office remedies. The Hudson Street Collection from Stanley Furniture offers storage and style.

Mud room got you down? This organization delight from Bare Wood is sure to please.

The best thing of all is that you can paint it any color to want to blend it in the room or make a statement. Perhaps neon green so your kids will actually see it when they walk in the door and be mesmerized into hanging up their coats (dare to dream!).

Closets? When I get asked to do closets, I always use a reputable closet vendor. Almost all of them can design the crème de la crème closet. If that level of intervention isn’t needed for your closets, just go to the Container Store.

Their Elfa System is wonderful and they can design all that you need right in the store. Right now, they're doing their annual 30% off sale ~ awesome! Just make sure you take accurate measurements ~ measure twice (or three or four), cut once applies here.

There you have it, Organization 101. If all else fails, hire an organization specialist. I have the phone number of one… now if I could just find it that would be ideal. Ok, time to purge!


  1. This is exactly where I am at. I am trying to get everything organized. It's very hard to keep up that energy when you have a lot to do! Great .. appropriate ... post. Thanks!

  2. I'll try to do this, being organize this year.

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