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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Visiting the Past

Last week my daughter enjoyed a wonderful camp with the Audubon Society. The camp headquarters is at the Rust Manor House. It is a historic mansion in Leesburg, Virginia ~ the site of a Show House I did years ago. It was funny to be back in the house and, of course, I visited the room I did ~ The Library. Here are photos of the room before I did it, during the Show House, and now...

I know the house is used for weddings and such. All the designers left the window treatments behind. It is still a stunning house with beautiful architecture. It makes me very happy to see the house flourishing and being home to teaching kids all about nature. My daughter had a blast! Thank you Audubon Society for hosting the show house and camps for all ages during the summer. It was a true pleasure then and now for all.

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  1. Oh wow! Amazing transformation. I bow to your uber talent!


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